About Us

About Us

Brisbane Aquarium Service is a Brisbane based Aquarium Maintenance Service and supply venture who can also do Fish Tank Cleaning. Our aim is to take the burden away from fish keepers so they have more time to enjoy their fish. We can take as much or as little of this burden as you like.

As well as regular servicing and maintenance, we can source you a huge range of aquarium products at extremely competitive prices. We can supply you with all types of fish food and/or even feed your fish for you!

“They do everything you’d expect and more, but it’s the little things like covering the floor area around the tank while working so people don’t slip over – which is important in any workplace/household.”

Nico Villapando

Before paying anyone for anything aquarium related you should speak to our team. We commit to:

  • Treating your fish as if they were ours
  • Being on time and professional at all times
  • Offering Flexible hours – when is suitable for you?
  • Being considerate to the environment around us

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Brisbane Aquarium Service offers the following services for your aquarium:

  • Aquarium maintenance
  • Aquarium Design
  • Aquarium Supply
  • Aquarium Install
  • Pond maintenance
  • Aquarium moving


We source a huge range of products for our customers and can guarantee you the lowest prices for anything and everything Aquarium related.
Best of all, its all delivered and installed at no extra charge during one of our servicing visits.

Enquire now…

We can quote quite accurately before you commit to anything. Simply submit an inquiry form including a small description of your aquarium and your address.

When you need help with any level of Brisbane aquarium cleaning or setup, it’s important to hire a team of experts with a reputation you can trust.  At Brisbane Aquarium Service, you’ll find a vast array of affordable service options provided by the top team of experts in the area.  With many services and products to address any of your aquarium needs, it’s easy to keep your fish tank in top condition for many years to come.  Whether you need routine maintenance, setup assistance, or aquarium products, you can find it all at www.aquariumservices.com.au.

Brisbane Aquarium Service offers many services for aquarium cleaning Brisbane.  You’ll find tank cleaning services including:

  • Water Change
  • Gravel Punch
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Water Testing
  • Water Treatment
  • Full Service
  • Filter Maintenance
  • Tank Setup

With affordable rates and friendly service, you are sure to find the assistance you need with Brisbane aquarium cleaning at Brisbane Aquarium Service.

If you’re in search of products for your aquarium, there is a vast inventory of options.  When you’re in search of top quality products, Brisbane Aquarium Service features an inventory including:

  • Tanks
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Test Kits
  • Thermometers
  • Food
  • Plants
  • Coral/Base Rock
  • Driftwood
  • Water Treatments

Let the Brisbane Aquarium Service team keep your aquarium in top condition with a vast array of products and services.

When you’re ready to hire the leaders in Brisbane aquarium cleaning, contact the Brisbane Aquarium Service team.  Call 0412 114 174 or email info@aquariumservices.com.au for enquiries about products or services.  This team of aquarium experts is eager to help you keep your fish happy and healthy with a vast array of quality services.  From maintenance to setup and beyond, the Brisbane Aquarium Service team is standing by to help.

Maintenance and service visits

Aquarium Size

Frequency           2ft           3ft            4ft             5ft            6ft             8ft          >8ft

2 weeks              $126        $126         $126        $144         $144         $180         POA

3 weeks              $126        $126         $144        $144         $162         $198         POA

4 weeks              $126        $126         $144        $162         $180         $216         POA